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Factions reset

*Update* The maintenance has been completed! Enjoy the Factions reset everyone!

Hello Community,

It's been a while since a reset in factions has occured so we agreed that factions needs one again. Some new features will be added in factions to keep it fun.

Reset date: 12/12/14 20:00 GMT+1

Hope you guys like this news!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

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[Finished] Creative Update

Hello everyone!

It's been a while when creative got a update, so we are going to reset the creative server and we are going to put a new spawn in it and putting some new features in it.

New features:

- Items wont be able to be dropped anymore

- Particles will be added with the command /particles

- Holograms will be added

- New Spawn

- New voting rewards

- Less lagg

Hope you guys like these new features!

Reset will occure at 3/10/14


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

Security and You!

Within the recent months, many people have had their accounts hacked due to many reasons. In an effort to try and reduce the numbers, we will give you, the user some tips to keep your account safe!

1. Choose a strong password with a mix of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, and symbols! This will make it much more difficult for users to guess and crack open.
2. Remember the password; If you need to, write it down on a piece of paper and hide it in a place no one will find it. Keeping them on your computer isn't always the best option.
3. Do not tell people your passwords. Not even the people who you trust the most, and especially not someone on the server! People in game can change quick once they know your login information. This is one of the leading causes of hacked accounts.

To change your password in game, do /changepassword {old password} {new stronger password}
In the event that your account was hacked, please have a way to prove that you own the account, like a secondary user with the same IP address, a forum account and if you're a premium user, a screenshot of your full launch screen with your in game name displayed. (As the legit Mojang launcher looks different than most other launchers.)

Note: Please remember that staff will NEVER ask for your personal details such as old password!
With many kind regards,
The PikaNetwork Staff Team

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Survival Reset

Hey Community,

So it's time for a reset again tommorow the survival server will be reset it's been around 5 months ago when the last one happend so I think everyone is ready for a fresh start.

The reset will occure at 24-08-14 13:00 PM GMT +1


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

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Pika Developer

Hello community,

At the moment we are in need of a developer, if you are a experienced developer in minecraft plugins, you can contact us trough the forums or on the teamspeak, or even on skype.

Teamspeak : Ts3.pikacraft.eu

Skype : gamerzz4life

Factions reset (IMPORTANT)

Hello everyone,

For some this is good news, and for some it's not.

Recently we've found out that we've had a corrupted chunk in our map. this can happen to anyone and it is almost inpreventable. the last 2 days I tried everything to get rid of the corrupted chunk, but minecraft is just being a pain in the ass. so today i've decided to reset factions to get rid of this and to let the players have a fresh start again. it has been 2 / 3 months since the last reset anyways. so right now we have put the factions server offline to reset it. it should be done in a few hours tonight.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

Ps: I will make it up with you guys by having a big drop party soon.

About the EULA..

Hello Community,

Recently I've heard some dissapointing news, alot of servers quit because of the EULA. I dont think that was neccesary but the community shrinked when Mojang posted their new EULA. This caused servers to quit because they couldn't pay their hosts anymore. atleast we got some good news aswell, I know alot of people said there will be changes in the donations or that things couldn't be bought anymore. this is NOT true and we will continue Pika-Network 100%. there won't be any changes in the donations either. everything will remain as it is now.

Ps: The faction crash bug has been fixed.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

Recent updates

Hey Guys,

So recently we've updated some servers, such as our new lobby. I fixed alot of bugs aswell like the annoying skyblock bug. I hope you guys appreciate the work. Right now we are working on the new servers and we are hoping that we can release it soon, once we have a date we will post it right away. If theres any bugs / glitches please report them to us.



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Factions reset

Hey Community,

We all know factions has to reset now and then, the next reset will occure at 7 July at around 12 Am GMT+1.

In the next reset we are fixing alot of things such as the huge lagg factions sometimes had.

if we got enough time we will be putting one of our oldschool spawns back in the factions server.

Hope you guys are looking forward to it!



Silk Spawner plugin

Hey guys,

People that play in the faction server are familiar with the silk spawner plugin, this plugin allows donators to mine spawners with a silktouch pickaxe, due to heavy laggspikes in factions this plugin will be removed permanently. we will search for a other donator feature so the donators won't have to worry about that.



New Lobby / New Servers

Hey Community,

Some of our builders are currently working on the new Lobby, it's looking amazing so far im really excited for it and I hope you guys are aswell.

In the new lobby there will be around 14 portals which means we are gonna get more servers to play on!

New Servers you can expect:


- SkyWars

- Paintball

- Hide and seek

We can't give you guys a date yet, but this will probably occure in June.




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