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25 April 2015 News   Boris  

Winner picture event!

Hey Community,

The winner for the picture event has been picked!

Winner for the best pictures: MrBubbles
The winner can contact me on my skype account 'mcpikacraft' to retrieve your winnings.

His pictures have been uploaded above here!


Boris / Pika-Network

23 April 2015 News   Boris  

Site updates

Hey Community,

I have been thinking about putting some time in the site and I would like to know from the community what they would like to see new on the site.

Things I want to add myself:

- Custom forum ranks

- Put loads of new pictures on the gallery page

- Update the staff page (hasn't been updated in ages.)

- Im working on a ticket system for faster replies on problems.

- A better themed favicon (the little emerald shown above in your browser)

- Maybe a new background

- Make the FAQ more detailed.

- Update the forums with more topics.

Quick note: I'm now active on my 'mcpikacraft' skype account again you can add me there if you need a quick question.

Please post feedback in here so I know what you guys and girls want to see!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

21 April 2015 News   Boris  

Show your best picture!

Hello community,

I want to update the pictures that are shown above on our site so I'd like the community to make the best pictures of our server!

E-mail: pikacraft@live.nl
Twitter: @PikaNetwork

You can send your pictures to our twitter or our e-mail!

Your pictures won't just be highlighted on our site we will also reward the best picture with a $50 coupon in our webshop!
Im looking forward to see some awesome pictures!

Winners will be announced at 25-4-15
TIP: Use shaders!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

18 March 2015 News   Boris  

10% Discount on our paypal store!

Hello everyone,

Doing a random 10% discount for march, more updates to come aswell!

Coupon code: qUMrcHRESMZdT9Dyl5hi

I will post news about upcoming updates soon!

Have a nice one!

Boris / Pika-Network Owner

11 March 2015 News   Boris  

Factions reset

Hey everyone,

It's time for a factions reset!

- New plugins

- New Spawn

I hope everyone is pumped for it the date for it has been set to saturday 14 march.

Mob-Arena will be done on the same date, there was some delay with the plugins.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

25 February 2015 News   Boris  

Reset of several servers.

Hello Community,

We're having a few resets soon, including survival, factions, mob-arena and prison.

Survival will be done this weekend, we will have a new spawn and maybe some new plugins.

Staff is working on a new prison map, so that will be reset within 1 month. also adding new plugins for that,

Factions will be reset depending on how the community feels like it, if to many people find it to early we will postpone it. if not we can do it as soon as possible.

Mob-Arena will be done within this weekend aswell, new features for mob-Arena aswell.

Hope you guys are excited for these new plugins.

Thanks for reading!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

08 February 2015 Uncategorised Boris  

Changing names

Hello community,

Mojang has released the ability to change your names, in cracked servers this is fatal. If you are a donator please do NOT change your name because you will lose your rank!


Boris / Pika-Network

03 February 2015 News   Boris  

Server and some quick information.

Hello community,

Im happy the server is back up again! currently working on kit-pvp and survival. I just wanted to inform the players on the server if you made a payment to Teun, Luuk or anyone else you can chargeback the money, it isn't their money to keep. if you will chargeback on paypal you will most likely get your money back.

The only way to donate on this server is trough the website! if a staff members asks you to buy something trough him then please ignore him and inform us on teamspeak or the forums!

Im excited for the new kit-pvp map!


Boris / Pika-Network

01 February 2015 Uncategorised Boris  

Server maintenance 1 / 2 days.

Hey everyone,

I think most of you guys / girls have seen what happend to the server last night. Apparently ryank (admin) had given himself permissions in the lobby to get on my account and that way grief the whole server, to be honest I don't know why he would do this because every time the server is down I know you guys are waiting for it to come back up. Currently im working on rebuilding everything as how it used to be.

Alot of drama lately...

Thanks for the patience!

If your looking for a server while Pika is under maintenance then you can always join our alternate server 'zatoxpvp' the IP : play.zatoxpvp.com


Boris / Pika - Network Owner

29 January 2015 Uncategorised Boris  

Survival Reset / Kit-PvP reset

Hello Community,

Next month the survival server will be reset and the kit-pvp server will have a new spawn + map. I'll be thinking about some new features in there aswell such as new plugins etc..

A date for these resets has not been set yet, once we have a date we will post it.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

23 January 2015 News   Boris  

Pika-Network Builders

Hello Community,

Currently we have 3 builders, but we need around 6 - 8 building members for pika we are opening the applies for builders right now so if you are interessted then be sure to do apply the following way:

- Send a mail to pikacraft@live.nl

- Put some pictures of building you made in the mail.

- Put contact information in the mail.

We will contact you if we are interessted in your building skill.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner




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Where the heck is the reset Of survival!!!!

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@Bubbles i love it *_*

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Waiting for survival reset

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