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Recent updates

Hey Guys,

So recently we've updated some servers, such as our new lobby. I fixed alot of bugs aswell like the annoying skyblock bug. I hope you guys appreciate the work. Right now we are working on the new servers and we are hoping that we can release it soon, once we have a date we will post it right away. If theres any bugs / glitches please report them to us.



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Factions reset

Hey Community,

We all know factions has to reset now and then, the next reset will occure at 7 July at around 12 Am GMT+1.

In the next reset we are fixing alot of things such as the huge lagg factions sometimes had.

if we got enough time we will be putting one of our oldschool spawns back in the factions server.

Hope you guys are looking forward to it!



Silk Spawner plugin

Hey guys,

People that play in the faction server are familiar with the silk spawner plugin, this plugin allows donators to mine spawners with a silktouch pickaxe, due to heavy laggspikes in factions this plugin will be removed permanently. we will search for a other donator feature so the donators won't have to worry about that.



New Lobby / New Servers

Hey Community,

Some of our builders are currently working on the new Lobby, it's looking amazing so far im really excited for it and I hope you guys are aswell.

In the new lobby there will be around 14 portals which means we are gonna get more servers to play on!

New Servers you can expect:


- SkyWars

- Paintball

- Hide and seek

We can't give you guys a date yet, but this will probably occure in June.

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Gfx / Developer

Hey Community,

I was thinking about getting more staff members and with staff members I don't just mean Helpers / Moderators etc.. but you can actually apply for GFX-Mod or Developer now, if you've got the experience and willing to help then this is your oppurtunity. You can apply on the forums for these ranks, if your trying to get a rank like GFX-Mod (Graphics Designer) then please put a banner / photo of your work so we can rate it.

Good luck,


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More updates

Hey Community,

So it's a few days ago we've updated some of the servers.

Servers that got a update:

- Factions
- Survival
- Kit-PvP
- SkyBlock

Servers that will have a big update soon:

- Prison
- Mob-Arena (will be arcade soon)
- Creative

Right now we are having a little break because of the hard work we did lately, we will continue soon on updating the mentioned servers though!

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New site!

Hey Community,

So as you can see we got a new layout for our new site! Right now some things are still in Beta such as the 'Donate' Button, it'll be available by tommorow if you don't have any patience and you really want to donate then here are the links:

PaySafe & Phone: www.pikacraft.eu/donate

PayPal: www.pika-network.buycraft.net

Hope you like our new layout of the site :D!

We've muted chatting in the lobbies to prevent advertisers.

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Fresh Start!

Hey Community,

I think you guys heard about the 1.7.9 update with the player changes, since Pika needs to get updated anyways we are going to do a reset on all the servers, and in almost all of the servers we will put a new spawn, plugin changes and much more! I hope you guys are excited as we are! Donators will keep their ranks.

The reset will occure on 27/4/14 (Sunday)

Postponing the reset 10 hours, so we can finish everything this means the reset will start around 22:00 GMT +1

Alright so let me give some examples what will happen in the reset.

- Enderchests will be reset.

- Inventories will be reset.

- Player vaults will be reset (Kit-PvP)

- Buildings will be lost.

- Money will be lost.

- Claims will be lost (Survival)

- ALOT of Changes will be made in factions (For donators and members)

- Survival will have a economy and Emeralds will be removed as a player currency.

- SkyBlock Island's will be reset + updates will happen such as the item frame problem.

- Mob-Arena won't have any updates but will added in Arcade with other minigames.

- The Plotworld will be removed after Prison is Reset.

New site soon!

Hey Guys,

In about a week we'll have a new site with new forums etc, going to be awesome!



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Staff / Developer's needed

Hey Guys,

Lately we've been struggling on the server, mojang is making it very hard for us to keep running the server smooth but no worries everything is under control! Right now we are seeking for someone that is good with scripting plugins. Do you think you got what it takes to be the developer of 'Pika-Network'? then click on 'contact' and send us a mail why you wanna be a developer and your experience in working with plugins. I hope to find one soon!



Factions Mob-Spawners (Fixed)

Hey guys,

Plugin is working again changed some things in the config and now it's running smooth again!

Enjoy :)!






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