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01 October 2015 Network   DutchminerHD  

Server updates

Hello Community!

These are the new updates of the week:

Upgraded servers.

Almost every server is replaced to a new desktop.
We bought 7 new desktops (nodes) for the whole pika-network server!
I'm still working on a few things to improve the server.
The delays/lag are reduced by 80% on all the 1.7 servers.
The 1.8 servers are coming in 2 weeks.
pika-network is using 3 'servers' to connect the players to our lobbies.
We'll lose 1/3 from all the online connected players if one server is down.
We are currently building on the new skywars maps for skywars3.

New payment systems?

I will make a video how to donate with paysafecard, phone, credit card, ... next week
All the new payments will be added next month via paymentwall.
More information is coming soon about this.

I want to thank everyone for the good support.
Keep the support going and we'll get more servers soon enough!

Yoeri - DutchminerHD

12 September 2015 News   DutchminerHD  

Social Media + Server updates

Hello Community!

This are the updates we are working on.

New nodes:

The servers will be replaced to Netherland finaly!
What does it mean?
The ping will be better on the global server.
I invested alot of money in new nodes to make pika-network lag free!
We'll get more player slots and all the servers will be upgraded to more RAM.

New contact methods:


I made a skype account for pika-network to help you out with your problems.
We'll try to be 20h online everyday on our skype.

Skype name is: Pika.help (This is the public Skype account of pika-network)

Donation Skype (Paysafecard, Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer, Ideal, ...)

I made another skype account to donate with paysafecard and other payments we are not supporting on the website.

I'm accepting paysafecard on that skype account so i can get my money back lost from the new nodes and upgrades.
It's always allowed to donate with other payment methods but i must find out how to use it. We are not supporting help on this skype account!

Skype name is: Pika.donate (This is the skype if you want to donate, no help support!)

New Teamspeak

we have a new teamspeak server with more member slots
ts3.pikacraft.eu the domein has just been linked can take a dew hour to take effect.
Donators have to be readded to their ranks.


I'll start streaming soon when i bought a new PC, router and webcam.
You can follow me on Twitch on this link: Link
I can use all the support to make it faster.
I will mainly use twitch to make rank giveaways, drop parties and events on pika-network.


Coming Soon!

Promoting new helper staffs:

I need a few more staffs to ban the hackers on our pvp servers.
If you don't know where to make an app go to this link: Link
I'm promoting around 10 new helpers but i'm asking skilled and experienced people to avoid false bans.

Yoeri - DutchminerHD

24 August 2015 News   Dream_Theater  

Server Updates!

Hello Pikacrafters!

Here is an update on the work we have done the past weeks and what is going to happen next week.

We have a new Op Faction 2! It is similar to the original OP Faction, the difference is this one has no Mcmmo and we've added /duel to this version. If 1.9 is a success in the future we might update one of the OP Factions to 1.9 and keep a classic one on 1.7.

The new SkyWars is also online! SkyWars now has two servers for players to enjoy without having trouble joining. We have also added new maps, check them out.

Kit-PvP has been reset! The version is back to 1.7. I hope everyone likes the map and enjoys the game.
Of course, in the future when 1.9 is out and plugins are updated we will switch to 1.9 on the Kit-PvP server.

It's time community, we are starting to work on NEW mini-game servers for Pika-Network! (more info will follow soon)

A new donator rank has been added to the Survival server, it's called Alchemist!
More information can be found here : Link

Vote Crates have also been added to Survival. For each vote every 24 hours, you will receive a vote key.
Premium Keys can be purchased in the Pika-Craft store. For more information in-game, type /buy.

For the staff part, we had some false bans the past weeks which we are working hard on to prevent.
We are setting up a training and test program for current/new staff members to be absolute familiar with hacks/violations. They will recognize, learn the difference in hacks and server lag glitches. The team apologizes for any previous troubles a staff member may have mistakenly caused, however we will improve and solve any issue brought up.

As for Donating to Pika-Network, right now we only have Paypal, which is through Buycraft. We will work on making a new system for Paysafe payments and more methods. However until then, Paysafe payments have to be done manually. Now you may have this question:
How do we donate with Paysafe? Contact dutchminerHD (Owner) through the Link contact feature and he will respond to you as soon as possible.

Hope you will enjoy the new and upcoming changes.

Have fun!

P.S. If you have any questions about upcoming updates or future plans, leave a comment and a staff member will answer with their best response. Thank you.

19 August 2015 Graphics   Dream_Theater  

Searching for Builders

Hello Community!

We are currently working on some new servers and updates on the existing servers that will be explained soon in a News update.
At this moment we are searching for new builders for our server Build Team!
The build work exists out of making new spawns, lobbies and PvP arena's for our new server that we want to make. Do you think you have the quality of a builder and want to give it a try?
Then please fill in a staff application in the staff app section on the forums with the title Builder request.
Please state your name, age, language and country in the topic. Also please show some images or videos of builds you have done. If you tweak our interest you will be invited to take the builders test.

Hope to see you soon!

Dream_Theater - Head Admin

26 July 2015 News   DutchminerHD  

1.7 Server Overloads and Updates

Hello Community,

You guys might have noticed that there are a few issues in the 1.7 servers. There is a way to crash the 1.7 servers unfortunately. The 1.7 servers begin to crash sometimes because immature children are using a bug/exploit on our server. I'll try to make a plugin for this and try to resolve it as soon as possible. However it's hard to fix it because Mojang only fixed it for 1.8 and not for 1.7... The Op Factions server will now be named to ClassicOpFactions. I'm working on another Op Factions server to 1.8 so the players can have two servers to join without worrying about lag.

I made a small Q&A list:

- What will Yoeri create on Pika-Network in the future?

I'll make Hunger Games, TeamSkywars, Op Factions (1.8) and remake the Kit-PvP server, Mob-Arena and fix major bugs on all servers.

- Who is dutchminerHD?

I'm the new owner of Pika-Network! My name is Yoeri, I'm 18 years old and live in Belgium.

- What is Boris doing now?

Boris made a website for CS:GO because he likes to play counter strike.

- Are you hiring staff?

Yes. I'm always looking for new and suitable players for staff positions.
I also need a new Developer at the moment and of course new helpers.

- What is the Teamspeak 3 IP now?

The temporarily Teamspeak 3 IP is play.titancore-network.com.
The old Pika-Network IP will be up soon. (ts3.pikacraft.eu)

- How can I donate with paysafecard?

You can donate by contacting me on the 'Contact' button on the menu bar or private message me on the website or Skype. I'm currently busy with the setup of paysafecard and I need more time to fix the donation payment methods.

I hope those are all the questions for now. You may ask more questions in comments below and a staff member will answer them with their best response.

Yoeri - Owner of Pika-Network

19 July 2015 News   Dream_Theater  

Hello! I'm glad to be here!

Hello Community!

My name is Yoeri, in-game name is DutchminerHD, I am the new owner of Pika-Network.
As you already noticed there has been a lot of changes on Pika-Network and a lot more to come. I wanted to apologize for the recent problems Boris has caused throughout this incredible community. I am here to promise that this server will be up and running with new changes and improvements!
Many people ask me how i'm the owner from Pika-Network... I bought the server to make Pika-Network again better. Boris was busy with something else and almost never came online on pika-network so that's why he sold it to me.

Here are updates we will work on:

- Donations
If you want to donate with paysafecard please contact a staff or contact DutchminerHD because it's currently down but that will be fixed soon so i must do the paysafecards donations manual.

- Faction reset
This will happen tonight and the version will be brought back to 1.7.
As well as a new server spawn that the build team have worked on the past few days.
New custom Crates will also be added.

When Factions is done we are going to work on a new Kit-PvP!
For Kit-PvP the same changes will apply: 1.7 version, new spawn, new kits, and we will try to bring in /duel as well. But it requires some time to set this up.
For the rest of the servers we have already some fixed bugs and new better things will come.
- minecarts are now usable in Survival
- Mob Arena added to Survival.
- Bed explosion glitch on Creative is fixed.
- Lockette has been added on Skyblock Ice.
- OP Factions has been added to Pika-Network.
- OP Prison has been added to Pika-Network.
- Classic Skyblock has been added to Pika-Network (version 1.7-1.8)

Skyblock Ice and Survival will not be changed, however we will change the spawn.

Those are most of the things we will have improved/changed on Pika-Network. Of course issues will pop up in the future but we will fix or change them immediately.

I am very proud and honored to be the new owner of Pika-Network and make things better then before day by day. Thank you all, have fun.

dutchminerHD - Pikacraft-network Owner

21 June 2015 News     

Update on the server / Discounts

Hello Community,

Servers will most likely be up by monday or late tommorow we'll see im sorry for the delay we've had some problems in the payments of the servers.

Factions just had some updates all the bugs has been fixed, if there still are bugs please report them to us!

For the summer im announcing a 25% discount untill the 10th of August so make use of it, I want to wish everyone a nice summer and hope you will have a blast of a time!

Code for the 25% Discount coupon: 'PIKASUMMER'

Regarding to me leaving is not sure yet, I have to think about it.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

17 June 2015 News     

Maintenance for 1 day on half of the servers!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on why some of the servers are down it's because we are having some maintenance! they will be up soon just like Mob-Arena and skyblockfire.

PS: Factions will be updated all the bugs will be fixed!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

20 May 2015 News     

25% off for 1 day!

Hello everyone,

We're having another random 25% discount in our paypal store!

code: p68FQkcxW0nWT98UaBVC

Ps: Skyblock and Mob-Arena are up tonight!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

11 May 2015 News     

1.8 Update

Hello Community,

I will be updating the server to 1.8 on 14/5/15

All the servers will have a reset since we will upgrade to a new version, I know alot of you don't like this but once the reset is done you will most likely love it, we are aware of the crashes lately and I have been working on this.

This update wont just be a step to a new version of minecraft but we will also add alot of new things we wanted to add once we were ready for the 1.8 update.

New things you can expect :

- New SkyBlock spawns

- New Creative spawn (shown on twitter)

- Factions shop update

- Prison fixes and tweaks regarding ingame money

- The empty spots in the prisons will be filled with casino's

- New Creative ranks

- New Prison ranks

- Expanding our lobbies, less pressure on the lobbies, smoother joining

- New Mob-Arena spawn

- Survival currency will be changed to emeralds again.

- A ingame global report system if you have any important problem.

- Our Hide & Seek lobby is finished so maybe we will add that server.

I hope you guys and girls are as excited as I am for this update!

Expect the server to be down the whole day since it's a big update!



Boris / Pika-Network Owner

25 April 2015 News     

Winner picture event!

Hey Community,

The winner for the picture event has been picked!

Winner for the best pictures: MrBubbles
The winner can contact me on my skype account 'mcpikacraft' to retrieve your winnings.

His pictures have been uploaded above here!


Boris / Pika-Network




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