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30 June 2015 News   Boris  

New Co-Owner

Hello Community,

Some of you already noticed it, we have a new co-owner!

I've made this decision for the community, I didn't want to quit the community by simply selling the server but I knew there had to come some changes if I wanted to keep the community satisfied that's why I made the decision to give a trusted friend who is experienced in servers this spot.

Im expecting alot of updates which on some servers is already noticable!

Co-Owner info:

MC Name: voodootje0
Real Name: Mex

I hope you guys agree on this one,


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

21 June 2015 News   Boris  

Update on the server / Discounts

Hello Community,

Servers will most likely be up by monday or late tommorow we'll see im sorry for the delay we've had some problems in the payments of the servers.

Factions just had some updates all the bugs has been fixed, if there still are bugs please report them to us!

For the summer im announcing a 25% discount untill the 10th of August so make use of it, I want to wish everyone a nice summer and hope you will have a blast of a time!

Code for the 25% Discount coupon: 'PIKASUMMER'

Regarding to me leaving is not sure yet, I have to think about it.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

20 June 2015 News   Boris  

Searching for a new Owner for Pika-Network

Hello Community,

I have bad and good news, I've been thinking about a new owner for pika lately. I just can't put more time in pika since im to busy with things. For the community I want the best and that's why I decided to search for a new owner of Pika-Network to keep all the players satisfied.

Ofcourse I won't just give a random someone the server he needs to have the time for the server and the money.

It's been 2 long years building up this server and I've always wanted the best for my players but now I made the decission for all of you.

If you're intressted in taking over the leadership you can contact me here.

Skype: Gamerzz4life
e-mail: Pikacraft@live.nl
Twitter: @PikaNetwork
Steam: uw0tm9


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

17 June 2015 News   Boris  

Maintenance for 1 day on half of the servers!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on why some of the servers are down it's because we are having some maintenance! they will be up soon just like Mob-Arena and skyblockfire.

PS: Factions will be updated all the bugs will be fixed!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

20 May 2015 News   Boris  

25% off for 1 day!

Hello everyone,

We're having another random 25% discount in our paypal store!

code: p68FQkcxW0nWT98UaBVC

Ps: Skyblock and Mob-Arena are up tonight!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

11 May 2015 News   Boris  

1.8 Update

Hello Community,

I will be updating the server to 1.8 on 14/5/15

All the servers will have a reset since we will upgrade to a new version, I know alot of you don't like this but once the reset is done you will most likely love it, we are aware of the crashes lately and I have been working on this.

This update wont just be a step to a new version of minecraft but we will also add alot of new things we wanted to add once we were ready for the 1.8 update.

New things you can expect :

- New SkyBlock spawns

- New Creative spawn (shown on twitter)

- Factions shop update

- Prison fixes and tweaks regarding ingame money

- The empty spots in the prisons will be filled with casino's

- New Creative ranks

- New Prison ranks

- Expanding our lobbies, less pressure on the lobbies, smoother joining

- New Mob-Arena spawn

- Survival currency will be changed to emeralds again.

- A ingame global report system if you have any important problem.

- Our Hide & Seek lobby is finished so maybe we will add that server.

I hope you guys and girls are as excited as I am for this update!

Expect the server to be down the whole day since it's a big update!



Boris / Pika-Network Owner

25 April 2015 News   Boris  

Winner picture event!

Hey Community,

The winner for the picture event has been picked!

Winner for the best pictures: MrBubbles
The winner can contact me on my skype account 'mcpikacraft' to retrieve your winnings.

His pictures have been uploaded above here!


Boris / Pika-Network

23 April 2015 News   Boris  

Site updates

Hey Community,

I have been thinking about putting some time in the site and I would like to know from the community what they would like to see new on the site.

Things I want to add myself:

- Custom forum ranks

- Put loads of new pictures on the gallery page

- Update the staff page (hasn't been updated in ages.)

- Im working on a ticket system for faster replies on problems.

- A better themed favicon (the little emerald shown above in your browser)

- Maybe a new background

- Make the FAQ more detailed.

- Update the forums with more topics.

Quick note: I'm now active on my 'mcpikacraft' skype account again you can add me there if you need a quick question.

Please post feedback in here so I know what you guys and girls want to see!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

21 April 2015 News   Boris  

Show your best picture!

Hello community,

I want to update the pictures that are shown above on our site so I'd like the community to make the best pictures of our server!

E-mail: pikacraft@live.nl
Twitter: @PikaNetwork

You can send your pictures to our twitter or our e-mail!

Your pictures won't just be highlighted on our site we will also reward the best picture with a $50 coupon in our webshop!
Im looking forward to see some awesome pictures!

Winners will be announced at 25-4-15
TIP: Use shaders!


Boris / Pika-Network Owner

18 March 2015 News   Boris  

10% Discount on our paypal store!

Hello everyone,

Doing a random 10% discount for march, more updates to come aswell!

Coupon code: qUMrcHRESMZdT9Dyl5hi

I will post news about upcoming updates soon!

Have a nice one!

Boris / Pika-Network Owner

11 March 2015 News   Boris  

Factions reset

Hey everyone,

It's time for a factions reset!

- New plugins

- New Spawn

I hope everyone is pumped for it the date for it has been set to saturday 14 march.

Mob-Arena will be done on the same date, there was some delay with the plugins.


Boris / Pika-Network Owner




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Ooooh, interesting.

July 01 2015 01:45:28
USA vs Germany so I am taking the evening off. If the USA should win which I doubt they will I may be gone the rest of the week.

June 30 2015 23:38:21
Wtf lol

June 30 2015 23:38:12
The chat is innocent there but when I'm on it ends up like this: Fuc u m9 lollll sex mi plis ayyyeee lmao. Maybe I shouldn't whine to players but lol.

June 30 2015 23:37:30

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