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Discussion in 'Denied' started by ChildishHD, Jun 13, 2018.

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    so i was playing Kit-PvP and i went to the koth but then there is a player name Bonk_Boy and he has GOD Rank and i would like to report him for reach and no kb , Also i fought with him but he hits people more than 5 blocks distance so This is the proof:


    if you saw the picture , you could see me having a heart damage eventhough the Bonk_Boy is so far
    and also if you thought there is someone hitting me in the back actually , i check on it but there is no players near me.

    i really want a quick reply and he must be PUNISHED. I was trying to scare by saying that i will call n0l1mit but he was not scared because he could just turn off the hacks.

    NOTES: sorry for my english

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    Report denied. We do not accept screen shots as proof of hacking.
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