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    Hello guys! I'd like to say i'm one of the og players of galactix, and a recently became a trial-helper on galactix.
    I've seen many players come to galactix just to not get impressed or just start the wrong way and don't see how fun it actually is and how good the community is (Well most of it).

    Alright lets get started:
    1. What is galactix?
    Galactix is a faction based server with custom enchants, and some custom items. (Galactix computer, player tracker)
    Best way to start galactix or as i call it the CPT way.

    First thing first, get your kits. The starter kit might look weak but its one of the main sources where you get the random teleport scrolls and of course some iron armor. And then there's the weekly kit, the weekly kit gives you the crates of galactix. In the crates you can get some cool items if you are lucky or you can sell them. You also get dust mixes and a shard block (that is really valuable) 1 shard is worth 3k$ that most of the op players are buying for around 3-5k$ because they need most of the items from The Legendary Crystal, what is the legendary crystal? Its a Ender crystal when right clicked, will open a GUI in which you can chose 1 of 9 items to buy, with Crystal Shards. The price of the items are different.
    Make sure to keep your random teleport scrolls, as that is the only way to teleport randomly into the wild. Unless you want to risk it all and run threw war zone until you reach wilderness.
    2. So now you got your kits, and some money next up is faction part.
    You have 2 options here, create a faction or join a existing one, keep in mind joining one has risks, the leaders can scam you kill you as soon as you join etc. And then there are the insiders, people that join your factions just to raid you inside out. Most of the op players will be talking about the people that are insiders and new factions can probably be alerted what players not to invite into their faction. After you created or joined a faction try to get some allies that are helpful.
    3. Best way to make money for starters.
    For me the best way to get money is nether wart farms, before i'm able to make a grinder to be my main xp and money farm i use a nether wart farm, usually a 30x30 farm with 5-6 floors, you can make it automatic or use it manually depends on you. If you don't want nether wart farms, cactus and sugar cane farms are good alternatives. Now how to get spawners? If you find spawners in the wild you can't mine them with silk touch, unless you are Darth-Vader, Skywalker or Chewbacca rank. The other way is buying them from spawn, or ah (Ah spawners are usually cheaper).
    4. Is it worth going into warzone?
    It actually depends on the people that are online, if there are people with gsets online, i'd recommend staying away from warzone. However if you feel you can kill the players there go ahead.
    5. Making a gset or a demi-set.
    For me the best armor to start is Heroic armor, that some people consider as demi armor, and the ways you can obtain this armor is via Ah, usually the price goes 250-350k$ per piece. Or if you are lucky, from legendary crates, supply drops, or from the koth. But for the sword i recommend you to use a Head Hunter sword, that has Sharpness 5 and Headless 5 enchants, or a Yoda+ sword. + a Demon sword that has 2 of the enchants that are pretty hard to get (at least for me). The enchants it has are Demonforged 4 that is really op and Confusion 4 that is a decent enchant. And for the bow i recommend a fully maxed vanila bow as a start after that you can add all of the custom enchants for the bow to it.
    6. Supply drop & Koth
    If you are a active player in any kind of faction server you've probably heard of koth or king of the hill. Koth is sort of a minigame of some sort that factions have to capture in order to get the loot, but honestly the loot can be a bit bad some times. You have to capture the koth for 10 minutes, and then get the loot. Supply drop's on other hand are scattered around war zone and only spawn when there are 10+ players online. After there are 10 players online there's a timer of 1 hour that needs to elapse before the supply drop commences. There are 2 types of supply crates. 1 is the normal supply crate that has a chance to be empty and are the ones that are mostly dropped, you do not need a key to open them. Then there are legendary supply crates, to open these crate you need a legendary supply crate key, which can be obtained as a donator from the one time kits, from bosses and from the legendary crystal (The cost is 40 shards).
    7. Bosses
    Bosses can be obtained from crates, supply drops, or bought from ah. After you get a boss and want to fight it, you need to spawn it at the boss arena, which can be accessed via right clicking the old monk.
    My recommendation's when fighting a boss without a gset is to bring lost of strenth, heal and regen pots, along side a few normal gapples and 1-2 notch apples. And of course if possible some friends. The reward from killing a boss can sometimes be good and sometimes well really bad. The one who deals the killing blow the the boss will get the reward in hes inventory.
    8. Base building, location and what type of bases to build.
    You got enough money to make a decent base, the first thing you need to look for is a decent location. I prefer the bases to be in negative cords, reason being that random teleport scrolls, do not teleport you into negative cords. The 2 base types i'd recommend are sky bases, and underwater bases (mid ocean). The sky bases are easier to make since you can generate the walls, however the underwater bases are kinda tricky to build since you need to make walls manually, and make sure you DO NOT make your bases out of obsidian, since for some reason even when covered with water tnt arrows can damage obsidian. Another thing about underwater bases make sure you are at least 1 block above the gravel on the ocean so you can have some water protection bellow your base. For the sky bases i'd suggest putting water protection bellow your base as well, since tnt arrows can be really destructive. The bigger the base the better but keep in mind you need to have a balanced difference between your claimed land and faction power, if you have less power than land you can be over claimed and raided really easy.

    9. Raiding tips:
    The main thing i have been doing on galactix before i became staff was raiding, and that helped me gain a lot of money with some of my nifty tricks.

    -Keep tnt arrows and hi-tnt arrows at hand. TNT arrows and Hi-TNT arrows are really crucial while raiding but make sure you aren't using a bow that has the zeus custom enchant on it. If you get into a base and the chests aren't protected you can just blast them with TNT arrows, or just TNT cannon them. Creeper eggs are a alternative, however they aren't as cheap, a creeper egg from spawn is 100k, and from a galactix computer is 10k, but you may ask how to obtain tnt arrows? It's simple, you get them from every type of crates, supply drops, koth, buy them off ah.
    -Use the custom item called player tracker. Player trackers can be used to track target players location. You can use these in the wild or at the boss arena, after you track someone be patient want wait for them to leave to their base and get their cords, keep in mind to remember the Y cord, since it will help you to determine at what level that base is actually at.
    -Attempt over claim raids, these raids are really easy to do but just needs a lot of patients.
    -Make a list of factions that you think are worth raiding, but there are some factions that like to keep their valuable items in their chests.
    10. Fairy, how to use them and what fairy is the best.
    There are 6 types of fairys on galactix. All of them obtained via supply drop, crates, koth or bought from ah. To tame a fairy you need to spam right click it.
    So what fairys are there?
    - Fairy of Virtue, gives you strength and regeneration 1 buffs. And also fairys give you special partical effects. Then there is the Fairy of Valor That gives you the strength 1 buff, Fairy of Hope gives you Resistance 1 buff, Fairy of life gives you regen 1 buff, Fairy of Heart gives you absorbtion 1 buff, Fairy of Quickness gives you Speed 1 buff.
    In my opinion the Fairy of Virtue is the best fairy, but the Fairy of Hope is also a good fairy to have.

    That's all i have to say in this thread, thanks to the people that will take their time to read this, and i hope i will help new players to galactix to adapt to it, and not quit as soon as they join.
    If you need any help regarding tricks, tips for galactix, feel free to dm me on discord my tag is CPT_ARCHER#3892. I will probably create a part 2 of this thread in the following days.

    Kind regards ~CPT

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    Cause people play Galactix lol
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    gg, hope this will get more people back on galatix
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    Thanks for help. I really need this!
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    Nice , I would suggest adding pictures and maybe some videos of the particular explainations. Overall great job.... Nice work. ;)

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    I'll make a different thread with more details, videos, screen shots etc. probably next week
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