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    The comeback of Survival!

    Welcome Pika Crafters to the update that many of you had been waiting for. It is high time we released survival, a brand new, better and more interesting version of the old one considering at the same time the major changes that most players had insisted on. So, here is a thread that is going to introduce you to the newly added features as well as to the old ones that have been re-added after a long period of time!


    Economy changes:

    -First things first, one of the most popular and desirable updates among the community is finally back, the one and the only Emeralds Currency System!

    More Information: To acclimatize the community with a harder gameplay that fits more with the intentions of a real survival server we decided to bring back the regular currency that is based on emeralds. Basically, the economy is extremely nerfed making the game far more challenging and difficult on your way from rags to riches. However, in order to help out players to measure their balance and purchase stuff easier and faster there will be a stats board on the right of your screen showing your current emeralds value. Holding your emeralds in your inventory or saving them in the enderchest or in special [Vault] chests will sustain the balance as it is. Emeralds dropped out of you inventory or stored in simple chests will not be presented on your balance. Keep in mind that buying items from /shop or using /cheque will remove emeralds directly from your balance facilitating economic transactions.

    -Editing of /shop

    More Information: Items sold in /shop have been radically changed. The variety of available stuff you can buy has been diminished a lot. This means that players ought to search for their own resources in order to upgrade and become successful. Not everything has a price. Hence, from now on only specific items can be purchased there that could come in handy with your survival needs. Fussy and fancy valuables need to be acquired exclusively by you.

    -Fixing of XPBoosters and adjustments of their prices to players affordability’s

    Gameplay Changes:

    -Completely new spawn and warps

    More Information: This season has the honor to consist of one of the most worked spawns in Pika-Network’s history. Moreover, there are brand new designs for the public warps such as /warp trade, /warp enchant etc. Last but not least, the PvP Arena has been expanded giving the players the opportunity to experience an intense PvP fight with secret spots and multiple shortcuts.

    -Additional gameplay structures

    More Information: Exploring will be mandatory for every survival player from now on since 5 lootable structures have been added to the game. These ‘naturally’ generated buildings will contain a bunch of ores, all kinds of crate keys as well as custom survival trophies. The special trophies mentioned before are based on elements and a set of them consists of 5 in total. There will be 3 sets all around the 20.000 x 20.000 meters survival map. Make sure to find at least one set and you will be able to redeem it with 10.000 emeralds by selling them at /warp infoplus. Finding the monument of trophies too (which are 3 in the whole world) can get you double prizes!

    -Introduction of quests

    More Information: Speaking of world exploration players are now able not only to come across game treasures but also work and struggle so as to obtain them. This is pretty much the meaning of our next feature on the list which is nothing else than quests system! NPCs found in spawn will ask you to assist them with multiple ways leading you to big and challenging missions. Resources and emeralds willl constitute the current prizes. New quests will be set every week!

    -Talkable NPCs

    More information: As it was mentioned above all around the spawn players will be able to meet talkable NPCs who will actually reply to you if you come closer to them. Creating with their unique role-play character a pleasant atmosphere and providing you with quests to complete NPCs are for sure a feature you do not want to miss!

    Perk Changes:

    -Players can now set 2 homes

    More Information: In order to support world exploration, we have decided to give the players the opportunity to set up to 2 particular homes around the map and navigate easier on their way to resources/biomes/structures pursuit!

    -Modification of Member kits

    More Information: Players have now access in new kits that can provide them the necessary resources they need for their first days of surviving.

    -Reintroduction of Donator Rank kits

    More Information: Every rank contains its own kit exactly as it used to be some seasons ago! Obtain them either by using the command /kit or by visiting /warp crates.

    -/RENAME command has been added to Donators

    More Information: Donators can now rename the names of their items adding color codes, bold/underlines letters and italics.

    Crate Changes:

    -Chance to win Ninja rank or /fly command in Diamond Crate has increased by 1%

    -Abatement of spawn eggs

    More Information: With a view to making the economy more balanced we decided to remove spawn eggs from all crates. Players who used to have access in such items could easily create mob farms that would lead to overpowered earnings. Nevertheless, this is not going to be the case any longer seeing that economy needs to remain stable and not depend on the luck of crate users. Do not forget that bountiful and rare mob farms can also be created with the natural way that survival is all about.

    This is officially the end of the boring survival. No more handouts of overpowered stuff, meaningless gameplay, unnecessary cosmetics and unstable economy systems. A new era emerges! Time to talk about a rebirth, the #RevivalOfSurvival
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    Great update as usual, hope to see the player count on Pika rise!
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    bruh u legit post reply 0.01 sec before meh:(
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    Og survival?
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    Good luck to all new players hope this update makes survival as greatbas the old one :)
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    Although you did add some new stuff, I am still disappointed. But you tried your best, but I don't think Survival will revive.
  11. HyperRSmash_

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    I wont ever be back to the old days, but it is closer than last season, the point of this reset is not getting the old community back, but get a brand new and try get survival as good as possible and it is better than the last season
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