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    First of all, I would like to thank all the staff members (Karam too) for organising this event on pika this is just goes to show how much as a community we can come together and share with each other eventhough we were dying at first .

    So my thoughts on these events (you guys can also share your thoughts below) it’s just fascinating to see so many people gather around directly or indirectly and have some great time on the server or via discord it was both cringy and funny to spectate this wonderful event and diffenatly i am up for the upcoming events too because nothing is scripted and staff members and the community do have a great experience , furthermore it 's something unique and exciting which help the community to grow in more enjoyable manner aside for wanting more updates becuase let's face it even if you get more updates you would naturally want more but aside from that when waiting for updates these events will help to gain the interest of players to get themselves featured on these events and also get more of a active community.
    With that said i will type down some of the suggestions i came up with (open to changes)
    • Roles : eventhough these event should not be scripted i would certainly like staff members play some roles which they should stick to so that the event may not have so much cringe ;) note : these roles can be given to a capable person other then staff too . for eg : commentator , organiser , music player etc
    • Family-friendly : you know what i mean .... :halo:
    • Uhc meetup : eventhough this can be included in in-game event or as a seperate gamemode this would be very exciting to see as it would revive the practice gamemode too . i hope you guys also come up with suggestions
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    Firstly, I'm really glad to hear that you guys enjoyed the event. Yes, there were a few things that could have definitely been done better. I'll take the blame for that and I'll be more careful and organized in the upcoming events. However, at the end of the day, the players were happy and the staff team seem satisfied with all the hard work that they had been putting in for a past few weeks, and I think therefore we can call it a success.

    Secondly, thank you for the suggestions! It's always great to hear feedback and suggestions and start a conversation about anything ongoing on the server. Your suggestions are all good and reasonable and we'll definitely be taking them into consideration.

    Have a great day!
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    Good suggestions, especially about the roles, it would work out pretty well on my opinion.
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    i agree with richy, the roles are a great idea ^.^
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    I agree with Richy too.