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Discussion in 'OPFactions 2' started by fuzzyminer123, May 15, 2018 at 4:36 PM.

  1. fuzzyminer123

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    I found a raid with chests and spawners that have shop signs so if the person gets raided he won't lose his items (Because other players can't break someones shop signs). This exploit is unfair and shop signs should be removed or it would be impossible to find a raid with loot. I tried to creeper egg the signs or TNT them but it didn't work. If u try the open the chest with the shop sign it says, "This shop is out of stock.". Please remove this plugin as it is unfair or remove the permission for players to use it if this plugin is used for /warp shop. Thanks!

    Username: fuzzyminer123
    Proof: prntscr. /ji7m7c (Please put com between the . and the /)
    prntscr. /ji7mks
  2. Serby

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    I'm not an staff member But this is Missed up, People can use Sign shops to Not get raided? This is Exploiting and the Person who did it can get Punished