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    Hello Pikacrafters!
    As we have recently come to realize with the upcoming factions update, Pika-network is being slowly, yet efficiently revived, thanks to our new owners- Voodootje0 and Gunfire. We owe them a lot of appreciation for their hard work and help.

    As servers are being revived one by one, eventually Classic SkyBlock will get its turn. I have asked and talked to a lot of Classic Skyblock players regarding what they think would revive the CSB and what updates they would like to see.

    After a lot of discussion with players as well as some fellow staff, these are the best and most practical updates that were suggested. We request the owners to have a read and would advise and request them to implement the following changes. For our players, we request you to have a read as well, give us your feedback and let us know if you want to see any other updates of such.

    Beware, this post is long. So grab some snacks and drink while you're at it.

    Economy: Unchanged.
    Classic SkyBlock's economy is fine and well defined the way it is and does not require a redo.

    Update: Introduction of Spawner Stacking.
    Reason: Doing so would reduce lag on islands with a large number of spawners and would overall make handling spawners easier.

    Update: Introduce /is bans
    Explanation: Lists the names of players banned from your island using /is ban.

    Update: NCPs at spawn which display islands with top island level and players with most balance.
    Explanation: OPSB has something like this. This would appeal players and encourage them to try and reach there!

    Major Update 1: Introduction of /is shop
    What is it? : /is shop will be a new cmd that only island leaders have access to. It opens a GUI where island leaders can buy upgrades for the entire island.

    Island Tag: Unlocking the island tag would add a custom suffix after every island member’s name in TAB as well as chat. The Tag can be set by the island leader using /is tag.

    Suggested Prices: $1,000,000

    Island expansion: The default island size would be set at 100 x 100. The island leader can increase the size by purchasing it though /is shop

    Suggested Prices:
    $100,000 to expand to 125 x 125

    $ 500,000 to expand to 150 x 150.

    Island member space: The default upper limit for the number of players on an island would be 6. The island leader may increase the limit.

    Suggested Prices:
    $50,000 per extra member space until 9 members.
    From there on, $100,000 per extra member space until 12, which would be the maximum.

    Major Update 2: /is who [name]
    Explanation: This cmd would display to the user, the details of that username’s island in the following example format. Doing only /is who without any following name would result in it displaying the details of one’s own island.
    Island leader: Name - Bal: $23 Status: Offline

    Island members: Name2 - Bal:$56 status: online

    Name3 - Bal: $67 Status: offline

    Island Size: 100 x 100

    Island space: 12 members.

    Island Tag: Wolf.
    Update: Cheaper Blaze spawners.
    Explanation: A blaze rod sells at 5$. A creeper's gunpower sells at $15. Yet, both creeper and blaze spawners are equally priced at 1.1 Mil $. Therefore, Blaze spawners are useless. In previous resets, blaze spawners were at 300k $ per spawner and it should be brought back to that.

    Update: Single Nether for the Whole Server.
    Explanation: During previous seasons we had a single server for everyone. But the last time the server was reset, for some reason, individual nether islands were put into place, ie each island has its own nether island.
    Most players hated this and agree that "Solo Nethers" is an OP SkyBlock feature, NOT a classic skyblock one.
    In case this suggestion is not accepted ^ :
    Allow blocks placed on the islands in nether to add to the value of the island level.

    Update: Remake Crate Rewards.
    Explanation: Present crate rewards are mostly dull and useless. Remaking the crates would make keep exciting again and would be appealing to the players.

    Update: Bring back the "/fix hand" Sign at /warp shop.
    Explanation: During previous seasons, there was a /fix hand sign at /warp shop which would charge you $5000 to fix an item in your hand. This was very useful to non-donator players who would use this instead of asking ranked members to fix it, who charge huge amounts.

    Update: Remove/ Increase the Spawner limit.
    Explanation: Having a spawner limit is not a SkyBlock feature at all. It was introduced by Yoeri cause he thought it would combat lag. But like I suggested before, introducing spawner stacking is a better way to target that. So either remove the spawner limit altogether or increase it to 50 or 100.

    Update: Remove Hopper Limit.
    Explanation: Also done by our Lord and savior Yoeri, this was an attempt to reduce lag. But this prevented people from making large farms. Most players agree that this limit of 250 hoppers is unneeded.

    Update: Remove Banner and Beacon limits.
    Explanation: Why these limits were even introduced is a puzzle. Please just remove them so that players can start collecting banners again and make wonderful creations with beacons.

    Update: Reprice Beacons back to 100k.
    Explanation: Beacons used to be very valuable and people used to love collecting them as they were rarer before. Now, with beacons at 30k, anyone can buy dozens.
    Update: Introduce Chest Shops.
    Explanation: At present CSB has only sign shops and chest shops would introduce profit shops to the game which would be a very fun and useful addition.

    Update: Introduction of /sell chest for certain donator ranks.
    Explanation: A large number of islands on Classic SkyBlock have very large cactus farms with hundreds of chests. To sell all the produce in those chests takes hours sometimes and this update would ease some of that burden.

    Update: /msgtoggle and /tptoggle for certain donator ranks.
    Explanation: Higher ranked players are often spammed in PMs by people asking for help or money or items. They are also TP Spammed at times. The ability to toggle those will make playing a little less annoying for these players.

    Update: /rename
    Explanation: A fun feature, this would allow donators to rename their items to cool and colorful names.

    Update: Allow donators to write colored text on signs.
    Explanation: This used to exist in previous seasons and was removed for some reason. A lot of people want it back and for good reason.

    Update: More Sethomes for donators.
    Explanation: The higher the rank, the more /sethome s they get. Pretty simple and useful for people with large islands.

    Thank you for reading and for your time. We hope that these suggestions are taken into consideration when Classic Skyblock's turn to be updated arrives.

    Have a great day!
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    These suggestions are thought out and I agree with most of them apart from having a /fix hand sign at spawn.
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    These suggestions are awesome and csb players would love it.
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    A new season of csb is needed and the suggestions given above were discussed heavily among csb players ever since csb started losing players. i hope the owners take these suggestions into consideration and make csb great again!
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    I havent played in a while but for some odd reason, i still care. Lmao
    (Also hi)

    I like the idea but these are what I think about some of the things you want to bring back. It was changed for a reason. So since you posted this, here's what I think:

    Blaze spawners should just remain at 1.1M. It's not very hard to earn a million if the economy did not change from the last time I played. Yes, blaze rods sell less than gun powder but you can actually earn more xp in killing blaze than creepers. So it's balanced. Some players want money, some wants xp to make armors. You can't have everything at once. Besides, my previous team hated that classic skyblock was all about spawners.

    Putting a repair sign at warp shop will just decrease the value of ranks. Less reason to buy rank=less income.

    That's all, y'all have fun playing!
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    Beautiful:sad: had to read it twice to see if there was something I did not agree with and I couldn't find anything, these suggestions are just perfect.
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    When the update will be Uploaded ?
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    Idk, just had to pop in here for some reason

    Disagreed. They will have to pay money to fix items. Ranked people can /fix all for free. And this feature will help ranked people earn money because they will be able to charge money for fixing items

    https://pika-network.net/threads/giving-milk-to-crates.44462/ Here done.

    Also I have 1 suggestion from myself.. Ranked players are supposed to have xp multiplier and for some reason it's not there. https://pika-network.net/threads/bug-report-still-has-not-been-fixed.32617/
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    I'd say that's more of a bug, but I'll make sure to let the owners know and hopefully, they'll fix it.
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    The link that I sent was to bug section => it's a bug
    But tbh whatever

    MLG_TITAN Pika Lover

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    I miss yall so so much ! :(