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» Suggestion: Only Staff may Comment On Player Reports.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by vSyndrome, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. vSyndrome

    vSyndrome Rare Pika

    Minecraft account: vSyndrome
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    Only Staff may Comment On Player Reports.

    Detailed description:
    If you are a normal player not staff you should surely have no reason to comment things on player reports as 90% of the people commenting on them are just saying things like "OMG CAN'T EVEN HIT HIM" or Hackers are just nubs"

    Put it this way post farming is an issue that nobody likes. If this is implemented then i'm sure that Post Farmers will decrease as reports are there main source of getting posts since there are 5+ reports everyday

    Server/Place suggestion is intended:


    Players don't need to comment on player reports, i mean whats the point I'm sure Staff hate post farmers and want them gone . I too hate them also if some people stop post farming reports then there will be less people applying for staff meaning that when somebody does they have a higher chance of actually being good. This means that pika will be getting hard worked staff applications instead of rushed ones, this will make people put effort into getting those 30 forum posts making the community better in the progress.


    Any need for him too say this?

    He joined today and has already racked up 21 forum posts.
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  2. RaVo

    RaVo Legendary Pika

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    I dont like it.
    Farming isn't allowed and you can freely report them. Also not alle comments are useless and disabling them bc of some farmers(mainly ouassim23) seems a bit extreme to me.

    (Sry for my english autocorrect is on dutch so it May break some stuff)