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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DusanVasicCoa, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. DusanVasicCoa

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    Howdy Pika-Crafters!

    As you may know, there were many rumors regarding the Survival reset. Well i have to tell you that those rumors were true! Survival will finally have a reset.

    But of course, we can't reset it without the ideas of our fellow members. So if you have any suggestions regarding Survival make sure to reply to this thread with the suggestion! The top 3 best suggestions will be rewarded with coupons for Survival! Good luck.


    NOTE: Please stay on the topic. Any off-topic replies will be deleted!
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  2. krstecd

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    2 homes and somehow to be fixed that raiding with minecart !
  3. tozztozzo

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    1.12.2, use the spawn my team and I spent 2 months making. Emerald economy, remove spawn eggs and expensive items from crates. Beacons only obtained by killing the wither. Add some sort of extra challenges or achievements to make it more interesting. Remake all ranks, kits and perks. More tags in the tag crate. Overall make it less op. Allow separate purchase of sethomes. Remove /shop, it's basically a creative menu if your rich which is easy, just afk at spawners all day with multiple accounts. Remove ability to change spawners.
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  4. Nelko

    Nelko Member

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    Bring back the old emerald currency,and nerf /shop
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  5. Jestyr

    Jestyr Pika Lover

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    Yeah, use the old emerald economy... and now for the most unpopular suggestion. If you want it to be survival and not just "creative-light", lose the dang /shop entirely. If you can just buy things at /shop... it's more like creative than survival.
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  6. mk37x

    mk37x Member

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    I agree with emerald economy and losing the shop, I also suggest mcmmo skills and nerfing the worth of mob drops cause it is too op.
  7. SezarBD

    SezarBD Helper

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    Survival Server
    this server should do what it says, player have to survive at this server. I suggest keep this as clean and normal as possible. remember more poor and hard is survival more fun to play.

    - /shop is bad for survival.
    - remove balance system.
    - remove current warp system.
    - remove auction system it will not work with em.
    - remove chest shop, trade is fun for survival players.

    - add emerald system.
    - add villager shop with high price of items.
    - make old warp system and allow players apply for warps.
    - current trade system is good keep this.
    - current /ah is good keep this.
    - update & Rebalance rank parks.
    - add spawn area like faction open all around
    - seat on stair and hug/kiss plugin is just nice. keep it

    shop: shop system will kill players team work.

    money: it just inspire players to make farm and afk. everybody want to be rich. money system increase server lag indirectly.

    warp: current warp system is broken. I like old warp system without gui. All warps name was written on spawn wall.

    player warp: this increase players fun level, they make nice buildings and apply for shop. also they work/mine/farm together to refill shop items.

    chest shop: chest shop makes game boring as well because you will not trade live with other player.

    - spawn shop should not sell quartz block
    - disable skeleton spawner egg at nether world
    - enable rain/thunder storm
    - enable auto leaf break after cutting trees
    - re-check codes of current claim plugins, sometime it cause glitch!

    Donator Parks
    - samurai to noble all players paid to get something extra. I can't suggest this point just you do what is best for players. More they pay more they expect. that's all
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  8. Brisngr

    Brisngr Pika Lover

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  9. WSL_Archie

    WSL_Archie New Member

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    -I Suggest to have a access more permission/sethome point for have a multi homes
    Example:Nether home.Dungeon.Friends Home or Mining home

    -Update Spawn As open area like a faction spawn before
    -Add Enchant Warp and edit the /warp grinder as /warp food
    -Make Shop As no Gui

    -Remove The Auctions but keep the /ah <- Auction is Useless
    -Remove The Stats Board Kills/Deaths <-I dont like to have notice my deaths. i really hate it
    -Remove The [Extra Special Dirt with Love] inside of Vote Chest <- Kind a Bad Thing
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  10. HyperRSmash_

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    2 lazy for read b4 threads so sry if i say same as u xd

    Im an old players and most known players know me, specially the old ones and im ex-staff to so i know what i will say :p

    So as i and at least 99% of the old players would say, pika survival is worse now than what it was and when? In my opinion 2-4 years ago.

    You should make it 1.12 server, remove ALL OP stuff from it and return to the old days and that old emerald trade system, with vaults because that time it was perfect for players to have to trade with each other instead of going to /shop. So remove the /shop /ah and /auc because when PizzaMC added it, if im not wrong, he started killing survival. Without those commands to buy items, players will have to ask for them in the chat fortifing their connections with each other. The OP in the crates should be taken off as beacons, spawn eggs and the thing that gives you coal, diamond, gold, and iron blocks in the vote crate. I think OP pix should stay as they dint really kill survival in my opinion and there should be added a diamonds prize in the vite crate but maybe in max only a block and without voting, the only way a player could get diaminds is by finding them in wild or buying them from other players
    There should be added a Slendyy's shop or at least something similar and old players know what im talking about.

    Well this 2 suggestions are kinds hard to get as one time i asked PizzaMC why does this got removed and he said it used ALOT memory. But still i suggest to re-add (idk the name) but 2 plugins tha tlet staff ceck both chests and blocks history. Why? It is really usefull to catch griefers or scammers.

    Survival should de-op alot but i think there should be something to make them play it i think, there should be a sort of weekly event, hosted by staff, and it could be spleef, lava run, maze, a dungeon or whatever they have in mind, and the winner players would get emeralds (the money).

    About donators, it should be kept most commands like it is now but the kit eggs if wizard and noble should be removed to de-op. The homes each rank has, including fighter, should be kept like it is. If a fighter wants to get more than 1 /sethome he should buy a rank.

    For now its this if i remember ill add something else.

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  11. Cucloops

    Cucloops Helper

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    Add -
    • Jobs
    • Advanced Achievements
    • Quests
    • Playtime rewards
    • Chest Shop
    Jobs - This plugin would help players have fun, enjoy doing things like woodcutting, fishing, killing animals and etc... It gives players money for doing these things.

    Advanced Achievements - Minecraft has its own achievements for players, But this plugin adds more fun to the game, you can change settings of it, so when players will unlock something they will get the reward for it like money, diamonds or anything.

    Quests - You can set up custom quests for players, This plugin has GUI which is so comfortable for players to see their progress, After finishing each quest it, of course, gives players the reward.

    Playtime rewards - I think this is the best plugin for keeping players online on the server, This would be the best way to get money or other rewards, just for staying online on a server! (not afking Lol)

    Chest Shop - This will add fun in game, Players will make their own shops!

    ps: I do not think any important stuff from Donator ranks must be removed, you should change, remove or add more kits and items in kits... But if you remove something like sethome permissions from Donators it would be unfair. They paid for it :)

    Ps 2: I forgot to mention, Please fix Skin Restorer for Next update!

    Cucloops :)
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  12. Rudolfzzz

    Rudolfzzz Member

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    Survival Suggestions:
    -Adding mcmmo: I know that in the past not many players wanted to have mcmmo added in Survival, but I personally think that Survival needs some cool updates to make it more special again. A possible good way to do so is adding mcmmo.
    -Old economy: So I've been gone for about 2 years now, and the first thing I noticed when I got back is this new economy. I personally prefer the old economy, without the op /shop. Villager shops are a better solution in my opinion. (Note: I do agree with the /ah-plugin. It adds a fun and secure tradingmethod to the game, without the possibility to get scammed like in the old /warp trade.
    -Adding a better description in the website shop (for ranks). For example: Wizard and Noble have no explanation about the kits.
    -Deleting the message about premium and adventurer keys in the website shop: I noticed that it still shows a message about the premium and adventurer keys in shop, although those have not been in the game since the last reset. Care a little more about the tiny things, to make it look like you guys care about survival.
    -New Spawn: I would like to see a spawn that is more open and crowded. This makes it more logical for players where to go when they are just beginning to learn the server.
    -Adding MobHeadDrop: this is a plugin that allows you to add a certain percentage that killing a mob drops a head. This plugin also allows you to let playerheads be dropped when killed with a sword. There is an adjustable chance on how often the heads will drop. With this plugin players can create cool collections of player and mob heads. (Plugin: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/head-drops) Note: This plugin does work in 1.12.
    -Using 1.12: in 1.12 there have been added some cool new blocks like concrete and glazed terracotta. This will also give players more fun to play since they have more options to choose from while building or trading.
    -Jobs: I am against adding jobs, since I don't think it is possible to have jobs in an emerald economy. But: if you magical people somehow find a way to add jobs without ruining the emerald economy, I would love it. I believe this is the most used plugin for jobs: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/jobs-reborn.4216/.
    -Playtime achievements: I believe it is important to motivate players to play longer, and be more active (and vote for the server). A good way to do this is add achievements like in OP Skyblock. The L1, L2 etc system, but then with a little change: the achievements should be receiving claimblocks and a cool colored L(number) with your name. I am not saying it should have a maximum number, it could go up to a 100 if that is possible to modify in the settings. (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...reward-your-players-for-their-playtime.32900/)

    These are all my suggestions for now, but I might add a few later on if I notice some cool stuff on other servers. Hopefully I have helped you in creating a better survival after the reset.

    Kind Regards,

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  13. Angry Birds Leo

    Angry Birds Leo Ultimate Legendary Pika

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    1.12.2 sorry I'm an unoriginal nerd C:
  14. Idarkxsx

    Idarkxsx Trial

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    Let the staff of Survival make shops
    For the players to have jobs so they have a target (like getting money and have friends ).
    Add for Fighters /kit Weekly which contains 32 wood and 32 cobblestone and 16 diamonds .
    Plus make Tags and rewards for Players who play much like 100 hour or more.
    Add Partys Just For Talking like a groups.
    so thats all ☺

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  15. DODE2K

    DODE2K Moderator

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    in about nothing get added from the suggestions here xd
  16. BroCro7e0

    BroCro7e0 New Member

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    -playtime rewards
    -veteran ranks
    -hardcore itemssss

    -chest shops

    (Ok Things) Keep, but...
    -improve the /shop
    -improve the economy

    Add details:
    -teams- Make players more free. If they want to trust somebody they can do /friend <player name>, this will disable PvP for these players. If they want to completly trust somebody, if they think they are truly their friends, players can do /team <player name> . This will make teamed players to share everything! When one of them claims, it will be like they all claimed it. So instead of, when using a stick on the claim, showing:

    This claim belongs to
    player 1

    It will say:

    This claim belongs to:
    player 1
    player 2
    player 3


    This claim belongs to:
    <team name> ex. Team 1

    Max amount of player one player can become friends and team with is 5

    -quests- This one is simple. Players can buy a free book that contains a quest and when a player finishes the quest he will get the rewards.

    -playtime rewards- Also realy simple. If we take two players, one played 1 hour and the second played 100 hours, the first player (1 hour) will get 1 diamond as a reward. While the second player (100 hours) will get 100 diamonds.

    -veteran ranks- Its very much similar to playtime rewards. If a player played 1000+ hours, he will get a free rank, called Veteran Rank. You (the staff) choose what will the rank contain as benefits.

    -hardcore items- The name of this is kinda weird :p, but here is what it means. Make rare items harder to obtain. For example: Beacons - kill the wither
    Super Sword Lol (Idk its an example :p) - kill a ton of skeletons

    Remove details:

    -auctions- We wants these removed (at least I want it) because they are useless... people like to trade more. Its more fun and safer.

    -chest shops- They are ok... but... nah... make less of them per player.

    Ok Things details:

    -/shop- improve it by making it either more expensive to buy from it, or by putting the basic things in it. (wood, stone, food, etc.) (dont put beacons, mob drops, etc.)


    Thank you for your patience with this HUGE reply :p
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  17. VVMM

    VVMM Member

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    -add Dungeons(like in HTM5(how to minecrfat 5))
    -add Buyable extra homes
    -add a PvP warp
    -add costum enchants
    -add more member kits(e.g. weekly,mounthly)
    -add ranks buyable with In Game Money like in OP Factions 1 and 2
    -add the "Silk Spawners" plugin
    -add team claims(the team leader or co-leader can claim for everyone)

    -allow Sign shops for everybody
    -cheaper arrows at the spawn shop(the price was killing me XD)

    Good luck with the reset!:)
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  18. tozztozzo

    tozztozzo Pika Lover

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    100% NO
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  19. MiskatBD

    MiskatBD Pika Member

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    +1 from me
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  20. leaf26

    leaf26 Rare Pika

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    sign shops aren't compatible with item economies. If there's an emerald economy, then anyone with skill would be able to make a shop.

    "team claims" is not different from normal claims and permissions. A good compromise would be the ability to trade claimblocks.
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